Commit b011935a authored by Sean Davis's avatar Sean Davis

Tidy up xfce-rr-private.h

parent 16b09f8f
......@@ -11,36 +11,30 @@ typedef struct ScreenInfo ScreenInfo;
struct ScreenInfo
int min_width;
int max_width;
int min_height;
int max_height;
XRRScreenResources *resources;
XfceRROutput ** outputs;
XfceRRCrtc ** crtcs;
XfceRRMode ** modes;
XfceRRScreen * screen;
XfceRRMode ** clone_modes;
RROutput primary;
XfceRROutput **outputs;
XfceRRCrtc **crtcs;
XfceRRMode **modes;
XfceRRMode **clone_modes;
XfceRRScreen *screen;
int min_width;
int max_width;
int min_height;
int max_height;
struct XfceRRScreenPrivate
GdkScreen * gdk_screen;
GdkWindow * gdk_root;
Display * xdisplay;
Screen * xscreen;
GdkScreen *gdk_screen;
GdkWindow *gdk_root;
Display *xdisplay;
Screen *xscreen;
ScreenInfo *info;
Window xroot;
ScreenInfo * info;
int randr_event_base;
int rr_major_version;
......@@ -49,29 +43,4 @@ struct XfceRRScreenPrivate
Atom connector_type_atom;
struct XfceRROutputInfoPrivate
char * name;
gboolean on;
int width;
int height;
int rate;
int x;
int y;
XfceRRRotation rotation;
gboolean connected;
gchar vendor[4];
guint product;
guint serial;
double aspect;
int pref_width;
int pref_height;
char * display_name;
gboolean primary;
gboolean _xfce_rr_output_name_is_laptop (const char *name);
......@@ -1236,22 +1236,6 @@ output_free (XfceRROutput *output)
g_slice_free (XfceRROutput, output);
_xfce_rr_output_name_is_laptop (const char *name)
if (!name)
return FALSE;
if (strstr (name, "lvds") || /* Most drivers use an "LVDS" prefix... */
strstr (name, "LVDS") ||
strstr (name, "Lvds") ||
strstr (name, "LCD") || /* ... but fglrx uses "LCD" in some versions. Shoot me now, kthxbye. */
strstr (name, "eDP")) /* eDP is for internal laptop panel connections */
return TRUE;
return FALSE;
* xfce_rr_output_list_modes:
* @output: a #XfceRROutput
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