Commit 3fabc5af authored by Sean Davis's avatar Sean Davis

Tidy up desktop-entries.{c,h}

parent 7c16c979
......@@ -488,36 +488,16 @@ const char* desktop_entry_get_name(DesktopEntry* entry)
return entry->name;
const char* desktop_entry_get_generic_name(DesktopEntry* entry)
return entry->generic_name;
const char* desktop_entry_get_full_name(DesktopEntry* entry)
return entry->full_name;
const char* desktop_entry_get_comment(DesktopEntry* entry)
return entry->comment;
const char* desktop_entry_get_icon(DesktopEntry* entry)
return entry->icon;
const char* desktop_entry_get_exec(DesktopEntry* entry)
return entry->exec;
gboolean desktop_entry_get_launch_in_terminal(DesktopEntry* entry)
return entry->terminal;
gboolean desktop_entry_get_hidden(DesktopEntry* entry)
return (entry->flags & DESKTOP_ENTRY_HIDDEN) != 0;
......@@ -803,14 +783,3 @@ void desktop_entry_set_subtract(DesktopEntrySet* set, DesktopEntrySet* other)
(GHRFunc) subtract_foreach_remove,
void desktop_entry_set_swap_contents(DesktopEntrySet* a, DesktopEntrySet* b)
GHashTable *tmp;
menu_verbose (" Swap contents of %p and %p\n", a, b);
tmp = a->hash;
a->hash = b->hash;
b->hash = tmp;
......@@ -46,12 +46,8 @@ const char* desktop_entry_get_path(DesktopEntry* entry);
const char* desktop_entry_get_basename(DesktopEntry* entry);
const char* desktop_entry_get_name(DesktopEntry* entry);
const char* desktop_entry_get_generic_name(DesktopEntry* entry);
const char* desktop_entry_get_full_name(DesktopEntry* entry);
const char* desktop_entry_get_comment(DesktopEntry* entry);
const char* desktop_entry_get_icon(DesktopEntry* entry);
const char* desktop_entry_get_exec(DesktopEntry* entry);
gboolean desktop_entry_get_launch_in_terminal(DesktopEntry* entry);
gboolean desktop_entry_get_hidden(DesktopEntry* entry);
gboolean desktop_entry_get_no_display(DesktopEntry* entry);
......@@ -77,7 +73,6 @@ int desktop_entry_set_get_count(DesktopEntrySet* set);
void desktop_entry_set_union(DesktopEntrySet* set, DesktopEntrySet* with);
void desktop_entry_set_intersection(DesktopEntrySet* set, DesktopEntrySet* with);
void desktop_entry_set_subtract(DesktopEntrySet* set, DesktopEntrySet* other);
void desktop_entry_set_swap_contents(DesktopEntrySet* a, DesktopEntrySet* b);
typedef void (*DesktopEntrySetForeachFunc) (const char* file_id, DesktopEntry* entry, gpointer user_data);
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