Commit 47c9f852 authored by Sean Davis's avatar Sean Davis 🕶

Update NEWS and bump version number to 1.0.1

parent cf7a6310
xfpanel-switch 1.0.1
* New Features
- Ths new release ships with it's first set of templates.
The templates include GNOME 2, Redmond, Xfce 4.12,
Xubuntu Classic (12.04) and Xubuntu Modern (14.04+)
- The first round of translations have now landed. We now
have full support for German, Lithuanian, Serbian, and
Swedish. Partial Russian support is also included.
* Bugs Fixed
- Terminate xfce-panel by dbus instead of kill (LP: #1489551)
- Improved code portability to non-Linux systems (LP: #1489547)
- Fixed path handling for launchers (LP: #1484548)
* Many thanks to our contributors!
Initial release: xfpanel-switch 1.0
* This is the first release of xfpanel-switch. This application
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