Commit 804b0722 authored by Gaël Bonithon's avatar Gaël Bonithon
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Properly update iterator when browsing a list containing invalid files

This ensures that an invalid file is not requested to be displayed, nor
a thumbnail for that file, which could cause invalid memory accesses
fixed in the previous commit.

Fixes: #94, cab91f0a
parent 6e3a8d2a
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......@@ -3368,6 +3368,8 @@ rstto_main_window_select_valid_image (RsttoMainWindow *window,
rstto_image_list_remove_file (window->priv->image_list, file);
if (! moved)
rstto_image_list_iter_find_file (iter, rstto_image_list_iter_get_file (iter));
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