Commit e9c84fbb authored by Sean Davis's avatar Sean Davis
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Fixed CD-Drive menu item being removed after disc removal.

parent 9b9a16c0
......@@ -378,18 +378,12 @@ parole_disc_select_cb (GtkItem *item, ParoleDisc *disc)
static void
parole_disc_monitor_changed_cb (GVolumeMonitor *monitor, gpointer *device, ParoleDisc *disc)
guint i;
TRACE ("Changed");
for ( i = 0 ; i < disc->priv->array->len; i++)
MountData *data;
GtkWidget *img;
data = g_ptr_array_index (disc->priv->array, i);
gtk_widget_destroy (data->mi);
g_ptr_array_remove_index (disc->priv->array, i);
g_free (data);
img = gtk_image_new_from_stock("gtk-cdrom", GTK_ICON_SIZE_MENU);
gtk_image_menu_item_set_image( GTK_IMAGE_MENU_ITEM (disc->priv->disc_menu_item), img);
gtk_menu_item_set_label( GTK_MENU_ITEM (disc->priv->disc_menu_item), _("Insert Disc") );
gtk_widget_set_sensitive( GTK_WIDGET (disc->priv->disc_menu_item), FALSE );
disc->priv->needs_update = TRUE;
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