Commit e91a7c51 authored by Michal Várady's avatar Michal Várady Committed by Transifex

l10n: Updated Czech (cs) translation to 100%

New status: 182 messages complete with 0 fuzzies and 0 untranslated.

Transmitted-via: Transifex (
parent b7f6cc68
......@@ -232,7 +232,7 @@ msgstr "Typ vizualizace:"
#: ../data/interfaces/save-playlist.ui.h:1
msgid "By Extension"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Podle přípony"
#: ../data/interfaces/save-playlist.ui.h:2
msgid "Select File Types (By Extension)"
......@@ -402,15 +402,15 @@ msgstr "Zobrazit seznam médií"
#: ../src/parole-player.c:375
msgid "Open ISO image"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Otevřít obraz ISO"
#: ../src/parole-player.c:392
msgid "CD image"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Obraz disku CD"
#: ../src/parole-player.c:392
msgid "DVD image"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Obraz disku DVD"
#: ../src/parole-player.c:643
#: ../browser-plugin/media-plugin/parole-plugin-player.c:300
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