Commit e68d704d authored by Sean Davis's avatar Sean Davis
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Fix MKV subtitles being shown when automatically show subtitles is disabled (bug 9880)

parent 7ea090a7
......@@ -3305,7 +3305,6 @@ void parole_player_combo_box_audiotrack_changed_cb(GtkWidget *widget, ParolePlay
void parole_player_combo_box_subtitles_changed_cb(GtkWidget *widget, ParolePlayer *player)
gint sub_index = gtk_combo_box_get_active(GTK_COMBO_BOX(player->priv->combobox_subtitles));
if (player->priv->update_languages == FALSE)
gst_set_current_subtitle_track(PAROLE_GST(player->priv->gst), sub_index);
parole_player_set_subtitle_radio_menu_item_selected(player, sub_index);
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