Commit b64142db authored by Sean Davis's avatar Sean Davis 🕶

Update changelog

parent e3ecd9c0
* Bugfix release 0.5.2
* Revert "Fix MKV subtitles being shown when automatically show subtitles is disabled (bug 9880)"
* Fix freezing on load of some subtitles (bugs #9194, #10073)
* Fix crash on startup when "Remember playlist" option enabled (bug #10166)
* Fix muting after playing media (bugs #10059, #10123)
* Fix failure to load filenames with space after colon (bug #10236)
* Fix gstreamer version check (bug #10155)
* Bugfix release 0.5.1
* Fix m3u playlist processing with relative filenames (bug #10038)
* Fix playlist controls disabling access to media controls (bug #9936)
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