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Increased verbosity in changelog

parent 7c737fa4
2013-09-14: 2013-09-14:
* Road to 0.6.0... * Road to 0.6.0...
* Fix Remember Playlist setting (bug 10269) * Completed port to GTK+3
* Fix Gstreamer 1.0 support - Remove deprecated GTK+2 items
* Port to GTK+3 - Use GtkOverlay for player controls
* Update artwork (icons, background) - Use symbolic icons for menus, plugins
* Use GtkOverlay for player controls * Improved window maximization
* Use symbolic icons - Window dimensions are no longer saved when maximizing
* Rearrange and improve menubar - Added "window-maximized" setting to xfconf to keep maximization across sessions
* Add 'Save Playlist' item to menu * Rearranged and improved menubar
* Add 'Report Bug' item to menu - Renamed "Edit" menu to "Playback"
* Add Previous/Next menu items to Tray plugin - Renamed "Languages" menu item to "Audio Track"
* Add Previous/Next actions to Notify plugin - Added Tools menu
* Add ability to play DVD ISOs (from Open dialog) - Moved Plugins and Preferences to Tools menu
* Add DVD menu item, appears only when playing a DVD or DVD ISO - Added DVD menu (visible only when a DVD or DVD ISO is being played)
* Add maximized setting in xfconf, remember correct maximization and window size - Added "Save Playlist" item to Media menu
* Remove redundant playlist settings button, add move-up/down - Added "Report Bug" item to Help menu
* Improved playlist
- Use symbolic icons in an inline toolbar
- Removed redundant settings button
- Added Move Up/Down buttons
* Updated/improved included plugins
- Added Previous/Next Track menu items to Tray plugin
- Added Previous/Next Track menu items to Notification plugin
* Other improvements
- Updated artwork (background image, icons)
- Fixed GStreamer 1.0 support
- Added ability to play DVD ISOs from the Open dialog
* Bugs fixed
- missing option to open DVD from iso (bug #10300)
- Allow a playlist to be sorted and/or items to be moved (bug #10066)
- Remember playlist option in GUI not working (bug #10269)
2013-07-25: 2013-07-25:
* Bugfix release 0.5.2 * Bugfix release 0.5.2
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