Commit 4f346ff0 authored by Ali Abdallah's avatar Ali Abdallah

Update news and TODO

parent 1909e7e2
......@@ -16,6 +16,9 @@
- Enter/leave fullscreen on double click on the video widget, thanks
for Enrico Troger for the patch.
- Save stream tags when stream playback finished, should be safer.
- Added a power manager plugin to inhibit the power manager
while playing DVD/VCD/DVB...
- Added --device command line to be used with cdda:// dvd:// etc...
- Added browser media player plugin.
=== Media player ===
* Automatically detect disc type when parole
is launche with --device=/dev/sr0 without a uri
is launched with --device=/dev/sr0 without a uri
* Support scale ratio view.
* Handle missing gstreamer plugins.
* ...
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