Commit 1fff37cb authored by Sean Davis's avatar Sean Davis

Revert "Fix MKV subtitles being shown when automatically show subtitles is disabled (bug 9880)"

This reverts commit e68d704d. This commit fixed 9880, but reintroduced an old bug where subtitles would freeze the application.  Some subtitles are better than none.
parent c7e47ac8
......@@ -3305,6 +3305,7 @@ void parole_player_combo_box_audiotrack_changed_cb(GtkWidget *widget, ParolePlay
void parole_player_combo_box_subtitles_changed_cb(GtkWidget *widget, ParolePlayer *player)
gint sub_index = gtk_combo_box_get_active(GTK_COMBO_BOX(player->priv->combobox_subtitles));
if (player->priv->update_languages == FALSE)
gst_set_current_subtitle_track(PAROLE_GST(player->priv->gst), sub_index);
parole_player_set_subtitle_radio_menu_item_selected(player, sub_index);
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