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      Flatpak: Complete scripts · a1bf0280
      Gaël Bonithon authored
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      Search: Fix the history cleanup · b3061d39
      Gaël Bonithon authored
      For some reason, Valgrind never warned about this so far, but it does
      now, probably because of recent changes. Anyway, accessing `li->next`
      after freeing `li` is wrong, and there is a one-liner to do all this.
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      Search: Prevent GTask warnings when replacing text · d5f86474
      Gaël Bonithon authored
      Since 844616a4 where the use of a
      GCancellable has been introduced, depending on the state of the buffer
      scan, a text replacement can cause a warning when GtkSourceView tries to
      cancel the GTask.
      To avoid this, we must first exit the callback of this GTask before
      starting another search or replace action. This commit therefore splits
      this callback in two parts, deferring the second part with a high
      priority to preserve the real time behavior.
      Related to !58.
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      Search: Ensure settings synchronization before searching · bc378be9
      Gaël Bonithon authored
      This should rarely be a problem in practice, but there is at least one
      problematic case. Enabling the regex search automatically starts a
      search to update the context. This search can then be launched before
      the context has been informed of this change, and thus without the
      workaround to prevent endless scanning being active, even though the
      search will be done by regex as soon as the context receives the
      One could query the Mousepad settings rather than the context settings
      to know the nature of the search in this case, but this is flawed and,
      in general, the search should only start when Mousepad and the search
      context are synchronized.
      Related to !58.
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