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## What is it?
This is Ristretto, an image viewer for Xfce.
# ristretto
## Installation
Ristretto Image Viewer is an application that can be used to view, and
scroll through images.
The file [`INSTALL`](INSTALL) contains generic installation instructions.
It can be used to run a slideshow of images, open images with other
applications like an image-editor or configure an image as the desktop wallpaper.
## How to report bugs?
Bugs should be reported to the [Xfce bug tracking system](
against the product Ristretto. You will need to create an
account for yourself.
### Homepage
[Ristretto documentation](
### Changelog
See [NEWS]( for details on changes and fixes made in the current release.
### Source Code Repository
[Ristretto source code](
### Download a Release Tarball
[Ristretto archive](
[Ristretto tags](
### Installation
From source code repository:
% cd ristretto
% ./
% make
% make install
From release tarball:
% tar xf ristretto-<version>.tar.bz2
% cd ristretto-<version>
% ./configure
% make
% make install
### Reporting Bugs
Visit the [reporting bugs]( page to view currently open bug reports and instructions on reporting new bugs or submitting bugfixes.
Please read the [`HACKING`](HACKING) file for information on where to send changes or
bugfixes for this package.
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