Commit 3f81db5f authored by Carlos Soriano's avatar Carlos Soriano
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Add a map for components to labels Fill it up with GTK components and labels.

parent 4ba461ad
......@@ -32,6 +32,26 @@ KEYWORD_MAP = {
"newcomers": "4. Newcomers",
"security": "1. Security"
'Accessibility': '8. Accessibility',
'Backend: Broadway': 'Broadway',
'Backend: Quartz': 'MacOS',
'Backend: X11': 'X11',
'Backend: Wayland': 'Wayland',
'Backend: Win32': 'Windows',
'Documentation': '8. Developer Docs',
'Input Methods': 'Input',
'Language Bindings': 'Introspection',
'Themes': 'Theme',
'Widget: GtkComboBox': 'GtkComboBox',
'Widget: GtkEntry': 'GtkEntry',
'Widget: GtkFileChooser': '5. FileChooser',
'Widget: GtkFontChooser': 'GtkFontChooser',
'Widget: GtkMenu': 'GtkMenu',
'Widget: GtkNotebook': 'GtkNotebook',
'Widget: GtkScrolledWindow': 'GtkScrolledWindow',
'Widget: GtkSpinButton': 'GtkSpinButton',
......@@ -194,7 +214,11 @@ def processbug(bgo, target, user_cache, milestone_cache, bzbug):
labels += [NEEDINFO_LABEL]
if bzbug.component.lower() not in ('general', '.general'):
labels.append('5. {}'.format(bzbug.component.title()))
l = COMPONENT_MAP.get(bzbug.component, None)
if l is not None:
labels.append('5. {}'.format(bzbug.component.title()))
for kw in bzbug.keywords:
if kw in KEYWORD_MAP:
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