Commit 32e2e0c7 authored by Romain Bouvier's avatar Romain Bouvier
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Fix assignee during migration

- For an unknow reason, a token with "sudo" API access can't assign the
  issue (?!). It works with an API token without "sudo" grant, but then
you can't readd subscriber
- But if you assign the issue at creation time, it works !
parent 35a4f4ed
......@@ -176,18 +176,19 @@ def processbug(bgo, bzurl, instance, resolution, target, user_cache,
sudo = user_cache[bzbug.creator].id
sudo = None
issue = target.create_issue(, bzbug.summary, description,
labels, milestone,
# Assign bug to actual account if exists
print("bz issue assigned to {}".format(bzbug.assigned_to))
assignee = user_cache[bzbug.assigned_to]
print("Assign issue to {} if possible".format(assignee))
assignee_id = None
if assignee and is not None:
print("Assign issue to {}".format(assignee))
issue.assignee_id =
assignee_id =
issue = target.create_issue(, bzbug.summary, description,
labels, milestone,
print("Migrating comments: ")
c = 0
......@@ -32,12 +32,13 @@ class GitLab:
def create_issue(self, id, summary, description, labels,
milestone, creation_time, sudo=None):
milestone, creation_time, assignee, sudo=None):
payload = {
'title': summary,
'description': description,
'labels': labels,
'created_at': creation_time
'created_at': creation_time,
'assignee_id': assignee
if milestone:
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