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  • xfce4-panel-4.13.2
    - Add support for gobject-introspection (Vidar Haarr)
    - Bugfixes:
      - actions: Fix GPtrArray usage (Bug #13981)
      - actions: Show Hybrid Sleep option (Bug #12771)
      - clock: Fix invalid datetime formats appearing in list (Bug #11527)
      - clock: Use freedesktop.org compliant icon (Bug #13779)
      - clock: Add a validator for digital custom formats (Bug #11527)
      - clock: Fix format validation (Bug #11527)
      - launcher: Fix custom images
      - tasklist: Fix scrolling to cycle through open windows (Bug #13789)
      - tasklist: Define cosmetic default padding for images (Bug #13865)
      - tasklist: Fix alignment of labels when orientation is changed (Bug #13864)
      - tasklist: Allow to hide label decorations (Bug #10546)
      - systray: Fix crash when systray is empty (Bug #13927)
      - systray: Don't lookup hash table for null keys (Bug #11929)
      - systray: Add option to display icons with square sizing (Bug #12093)
      - Pass socket id to D-Bus service to embed settings window (Bug #13854)
      - Make Automatic the default selection in the panel config dialog
      - Fix make distcheck (But #14040)
      - Improve gtkdoc
    - Translation updates: Arabic, Asturian, Basque, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan,
       Chinese (China), Chinese (Hong Kong), Chinese (Taiwan), Croatian, Czech,
       Danish, Dutch (Flemish), English (Australia), English (Great Britain),
       Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian,
       Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Lithuanian, Malay,
       Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Occitan, Panjabi, Polish, Portuguese,
       Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian,
       Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Uyghur, Vietnamese
  • xfce4-panel-4.13.1
    - Port to GDBus (Ali)
       This means the panel now depends on xfconf 4.13 - recommended is 4.13.3.
    - Features:
      - systray: Allow ordering of items (Bug #11929)
      - tasklist: Add styleclass to make life easier for themers
    - Bugfixes:
      - Fix DND between external plugins (Bug #13687)
      - Fix drag and drop for internal plugins (Bug #13642)
      - Correct enter and leave opacity label positions (Bug #13594)
      - Fix Gtk3 XfceArrowButtons not blinking (Bug #13599)
      - Fix datarootdir declaration in .pc files (Bug #13589)
      - Use fd.org terminal icon name (Bug #13592)
      - Don't let the wrapper crash on unknown properties (Bug #13614)
      - Set default panel-2 size of default settings
      - windowmenu: Fix icon size in menu
      - systray: Fix alignment of single non-square items (Bug #9095)
      - clock: Make the default date and time format translatable (Bug #9637)
    - Translation updates: Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (China),
       Chinese (Taiwan), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch (Flemish), French, German,
       Hebrew, Indonesian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian Bokmål,
       Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish,
       Turkish, Ukrainian
  • xfce4-panel-4.13.0
    - Port to Gtk3:
        The port is the result of the hard work Nick, Peter, Andrzejr, Simon and
        many others that helped with testing, patches and translations.
    - Features:
      - Support for the primary monitor option in RandR
      - Gtk2 plugins are still supported and work almost completely fine
        (see regressions below)
    - Deprecations:
      - xfce_panel_image is deprecated, instead plugins shall use GtkImage and
        xfce_panel_plugin_get_icon_size which introduces defined icon size-steps
        to avoid fuzzy icons
    - Known regressions:
      - The panel is not visually focused by default (fixed in Xfwm4>=4.12.4)
      - Moving panel plugins via drag and drop on the panel directly via the plugins
        context menu action Move is currently broken (works fine in preferences dialog)
      - Small regression with intelligent hiding (when opening a menu, the panel
        hides and comes back immediately while it should just remain visible)
      - Enter/leave opacity does not work for Gtk2 plugins
      - Not all panel settings may be kept as the configuration is not 100% backward
        compatible (e.g. we're using GdkRGBA instead of GdkColor for the backgorund)
    - Known todos:
      - Fix all bugs/regressions
      - Remove more/all Gtk+ deprecations
        (lots of warnings when compiling currently)
    - Translations updates
  • xfce4-panel-4.12.1
  • xfce4-panel-4.12.0
    5839b354 · Updates for the release ·
    - Actions: Use localization for confirmation dialog titles (bug #11949)
      (Ramon Dantas).
    - Use actual output geometry to place panels (bug #11058) (John Lindgren).
    - Tasklist: Fix grouped icons sometimes are wrongly rendered as a mini-icon
      (bug #10846) (Mauro Giubileo).
    - Actions: Use common icon names (bug #11513).
    - Pager & tasklist: Disabled wrapping when scrolling (bug #6401).
    - Clock: Prevent recursion of symlinks.
    - Make panel hide intelligently with shaded windows (bug #11371).
    - Translation updates: he, es, sl, nb, ast, ru, pl, bg, fr, ro
  • xfce4-panel-4.11.2
    709b2fde · Updates for the release ·
  • xfce4-panel-4.11.1
    8898d939 · Updates for the release ·
  • xfce4-panel-4.11.0
    88544131 · Updates for the release ·
  • xfce4-panel-4.10.1
    48000a27 · Updates for release. ·
    - Bugfix in icon/pixbuf resizing code.
    - Fix icons not probably resizing when requested.
    - Autotools updates.
    - Ignore GVarueArray compiler warning.
    - Use G_ENABLE_DEBUG to set fatal messages.
    - Fixed DnD markers with non-square small items.
    - Actions: Fix logic of session saving (bug #8857).
    - Panel: Emit save signal for plugins.
    - Libxfce4-panel: Fix typo in the API docs.
    - Translation updates: Arabic, Bulgarian, German, Croatian, Polish,
      Serbian, Swedish, Turkish, Uyghur.
  • xfce4-panel-4.10.0
    40e36803 · Updates for release. ·
    - Use correct LGPL licenses in the libs.
    - Restore child properties when moving a plugin.
    - Migrate: Use correct pointer for action migrate (bug #8781).
    - Migrate: Don't try to migrate already migrated plugin (bug #8778).
    - Translation updates: German, English (United Kingdom), Spanish
      (Castilian), French, Galician, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch
      (Flemish), Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian,
      Chinese (China).
  • xfce4-panel-4.9.2
    41f37060 · Updates for release. ·
    - Launcher: Fix desktop file monitoring on some systems.
    - Panel: Improved DnD markers.
    - Panel: Fix invalid autohide with socket dialog (bug #8617).
    - Panel: Remove duplicated function.
    - Panel: Remove duplicated function.
    - Actions: Show translated strings (bug #8660).
    - Check for sed using a macro.
    - Actions: Fix mnemonics conflict (bug #8657).
    - Clock: Fix compiler warning (bug #8648).
    - Bump version-info of libxfce4panel.
    - Translation updates: Arabic, Catalan (Valencian), Czech, Danish,
      German, Greek, Esperanto, Spanish (Castilian), Estonian, Basque,
      Persian, Finnish, French, Galician, Hebrew, Croatian, Hungarian,
      Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Lithuanian, Dutch
      (Flemish), Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese
      (Brazilian), Russian, Slovak, Telugu, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese
      (China), Chinese (Taiwan).
  • xfce4-panel-4.9.1
    03e07550 · Updates for release. ·
    - Panel: Don't destroy window when focussed and Alt+F4 is
      pressed (bug #7378).
    - Panel: Use new help function to redirect to docs.xfce.org.
    - Docs: Remove mallard documentation.
    - Docs: Don't install the gtkrc README.
    - Clock: Don't use sigval_t (bug #8297).
    - Panel: Add support for pluggable dialogs.
    - Panel: Save changed plugin ids if a plugin failed to load.
    - Directorymenu: Fix prefered app not working without snotify (bug #8298).
    - Launcher: Small=FALSE in deskbar mode with label visible.
    - Actions: Limit size of action buttons to row size.
    - Panel: Removed item size checks.
    - Clock: Fixing clock orientation in vertical/deskbar mode.
    - Pager: Fixing infinite loopin in the WNCK pager aspect ratio workaround.
    - Pager: Fixing plugin->size updates.
    - Pager: Fixed workspace ordering in the vertical mode.
    - Pager: Workaround for aspect ratio error in WNCK pager in deskbar mode.
    - Pager: Changing orientation depending on the panel mode.
    - Clock: Changing default value of rotate-vertically to TRUE.
    - Pager: Fixed preprocessor macro.
    - Pager: Removing broken workaround for aspect ratio in deskbar mode.
    - Pager: Making use of a fixed libwnck version (>=2.31.0).
    - Revert "Use realtime POSIX timers for the clock."
    - Revert "Clock: Don't use sigval_t (bug #8297)."
    - Launcher: Show the desktop file in the tooltip (bug #8536).
    - Panel: Make string in about translatable (bug #8545).
    - Panel: Don't ask for panel when inserting items (bug #8544).
    - Panel: Reply to the caller for plugin events (bug #7365).
    - Applicationsmenu: Fall-back to xfdesktop for
      xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu (bug #7365).
    - Applicationsmenu: Recurse application menu selection-done gignal (bug #8541).
    - Panel: Add (un)lock option to panel menu (bug #6980).
    - Panel: Add confirmation before creating launchers from dnd (bug #6926).
    - Applicationsmenu: Allow non-squared icons in applications button (bug #7381).
    - Panel: Save plugin-ids when removing and moving items in ed.
    - Tasklist: Bringing back 4.8 max-button-size property.
    - Tasklist: Capping buttons height when button labels are visible.
    - Tasklist: Reverting "ceil" to "floor" (as in 4.8).
    - Actions: Query visibility and save as strings.
    - Translation updates: Arabic, Catalan (Valencian), Czech, Danish,
      German, Esperanto, Spanish (Castilian), Basque, Finnish, French,
      Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Kazakh, Korean, Lithuanian,
      Dutch (Flemish), Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese
      (Brazilian), Russian, Slovak, Telugu, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese
      (China), Chinese (Taiwan).
  • xfce4-panel-4.9.0
    66df2a1d · Updates for release. ·
    - Panel: Add option in preferences dialog to disable struts (bug #7202).
    - Showdesktop: Allow middle-click to shade windows (bug #7177).
    - Panel: Add style property to control size of autohide window.
    - Panel: Make compositing settings insensitive (bug #7862).
    - Tasklist: Add option to disable mouse scrolling (bug #6996).
    - Tasklist: Make the plugin shrink instead of expand (bug #7389, #7129).
    - Clock: Use realtime POSIX timers for the clock.
    - Actions: Merge functionality of xfce4-session plugin.
    - Applicationmenu: Show menu on button-press-event (bug #8047).
    - Migrate: Add version based config migration.
    - Clock: Fix typo in tooltip (bug #8137).
    - General: Add deskbar mode and nrows property to plugins.
    - General: Add small property for plugins.
    - Separator: Remove new line option.
    - General: Make plugins work with deskbar mode and small property.
    - Panel: Change drop highlighting to a red line.
    - Applicationmenu: Reload menu on directory changes.
    - Panel: Make sure the panel has a position on startup (bug #8287).
    - Panel: Work with a unique id for each panel.
    - Panel: Remove autosaving on exit and with timeout.
    - Panel: Only save what is required and when needed.
    - Docs: Update to latest version.
  • xfce4-panel-4.8.6
    fcf9d7a9 · Updates for release. ·
    - Panel: Wait until the wm is ready on all screens (bug #7161).
    - Systray: Control the thinkness of the frame (bug #7593).
    - Launcher: Fix broken compilation (bug #7966).
    - Launcher: Don't reconstruct the items on save (bug #7952).
    - Applicationsmenu: Fix segfault with not-existing menu (bug #7895).
    - Libxfce4panel: Avoid problem if panel is not yet realized.
    - Panel: Print string in case of an invalid position.
    - Libxfce4panel: Always try to return an icon.
    - Directorymenu: Also send the target directory as arg (bug #7745).
    - Translation updates (it, tr, nl, sk, pt_BR, te, zh_CN, pt, ru, ko,
      ja, ro, fr, kk, ms, es, id, eu).
  • xfce4-panel-4.8.5
    8f311d76 · Updates for release. ·
    - Tasklist: Avoid unneeded dnd actions.
    - Launcher: Fix plugin size with arrow button (bug #7747).
    - Tasklist: Allow both motion activation and dnd (bug #7755).
    - Panel: Fix off-by-one error in strut sizes (bug #7739).
    - Tasklist: Fix assert in button dnd (bug #7741).
    - Panel: Make preferences dialog work in Gtk+ 2.24.5.
    - Systray: Add xfpm to known apps for a decent icon.
    - Tasklist: Drop Gtk 2.22 API.
    - Migrate: Fix 4.6 transparency migration (bug #7523).
    - Translation updates (nl, zh_CN, de, pt, ja).
  • xfce4-panel-4.8.4
    ce2d4607 · Updates for release. ·
    - Systray: Fix disappearing icons when drawing at 0,0 (bug #7057).
    - Panel: Fix panel loading in kiosk mode.
    - Common: Update online documentation help location.
    - Launcher: Fix spacing in vertical panel with arrow on the side (bug #7584).
    - Panel: Set window colormap and change autohide window type (bug #7435).
    - Migrate: Fix 4.6 migration of action buttons (bug #7543).
    - Libxfce4panel: Fix menu positioning for moved external plugins (bug #7529).
    - Panel: Improve thread-safety.
    - Libxfce4panel: Idle XfcePanelImage loading.
    - Pager: Make the pager message less scary.
    - Windowmenu: Do not update if screen is not initilized (bug #7728).
    - Libxfce4panel: Keep blinking forever (bug #7583).
    - Tasklist: Fix minimizing of active transient windows (bug #7674).
    - Tasklist: Add a sorting mode for tasklist reordering with dnd (bug #7058).
    - Translation updates (fi, sk, pt_BR, eu, nl).
  • xfce4-panel-4.8.3
    fc860d4b · Updates for release. ·
    - Tasklist: Work around segfaulting of group buttons.
    - Tasklist: Properly initialize the monitor geometry on startup (bug #7340).
    - Use portable abicheck.sh from xfconf.
    - Panel: Avoid recursing gtk_main_quit() on signal.
    - Tasklist: Hide wireframe when window is destroyed (bug #7377).
    - Directorymenu: Remove unused varaible.
    - Pager: Fix typo in row warning.
    - Tasklist: Fix function prototype.
    - Panel: Do no inline function.
    - Tasklist: add button release event to proxy item (bug #7362).
    - Translation updates (zh_CN, tr, de).
  • xfce4-panel-4.8.2
    3c00ffe2 · Updates for release. ·
    - Change packing order of buttons in pager to match wnck.
    - Initialize tasklist viewport if screen is connected (bug #7255).
    - Set some atk object names on panel buttons without label.
    - Allow installation of the helpers in a custom location.
    - Set a static role for the panels (bug #7094). Reverted the previous fix.
    - Ask to start the panel if 'xfce4-panel -r' is called without instance.
    - Respawn a child if the plugin was realized with a pid.
    - Don't crash on a wrong colormap when changing screens.
    - Don't activate windows in tasklist when dnd a button or plugin.
    - Keep reference on window to avoid crash (bug #7193).
    - Activate windows on button release events (bug #7296).
    - Use the widget snapshot as tasklist draw icon.
    - Fix test so manual is installed (bug #7274).
    - Translation updates (he, sv, id, zh_CN, da, kk, pt, uk,
      zh_TW, ja, ru).
  • xfce4-panel-4.8.1
    e8b5b843 · Updates for release. ·
    - Make the panels sticky for some window managers (bug #7130).
    - Fix assert when storing property values in xfconf (bug #7117).
    - Migrate monitor information (bug #7135).
    - Cache launcher menu tooltip pixbuf (bug #7146).
    - Reverse menu item insert order (bug #7102).
    - Set and restore a unique role name for windows (bug #7094).
    - Don't return a critical on a NULL dbus session.
    - Allocate 1x1 requests offscreen in the systray (bug #7143 and #7057).
    - Popup window menu under cursor on window button group menus.
    - Directly start the panel on the correct screen (bug #7161).
    - Move the panel menu to the correct screen (bug #7203).
    - Fix dragging panels to another screen.
    - Open plugin dialogs on same screen as plugin.
    - Sync hidden window and panel screen.
    - Show launcher add dialog on the same screen as parent.
    - Fix autohide direction based on orientation and edge.
    - Deactivate menu button if loading menu failed.
    - Don't double expose the panel's child widget (bug #6872).
    - Remove unneeded check (bug #7149).
    - Don't disappear when wm restarts with compositing (bug #7194).
    - Properly update the plugin background when moving to other panel.
    - Unset visible event window in 4.6 plugins.
    - Various small code cleanups and improved debug messages.
    - Translation updates (eu, fr, ja, lt, sv).
  • xfce4-panel-4.8.0
    e10cd4d2 · Updates for release. ·
    - Restart tray allocation if number of rows overflows (bug #7055).
    - Restart systray manager on compositing changes.
    - Add additional debugging information with filtering support.
    - Fix tasklist craches on window unmap (bug #7076).
    - Translation updates: French, German, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese,
      Romanian, Lithuanian, Swedish, Chinese (Taiwan), Greek, Polish,
      Croatian, Hungarian, Catalan (Valencian), Norwegian Bokmal.