- Add per-panel setting icon-size
- Set minimum Gtk+3 version to 3.22
- Bugfixes:
  - Gtk+ deprecation fixes (all plugins)
  - tasklist: Fix group-button states
  - libxfce4panel: arrow button size fixes
  - launcher: plugin sizing fixes
  - appmenu: Add support for other menu editors (Bug #11684)
  - tasklist: Fix urgency blinking for group buttons (Bug #6904)
  - tasklist: Add 'group-button' styleclass
  - Fix anchors for gtk_menu_popup_at_widget (Bug #14803)
  - Fix struts on the bottom and right of the screen (Bug #14886)
  - tasklist: Don't listen for monitor changes in the plugin (Bug #10725)
  - tasklist: Use Gdk to to determine which monitor contains a window
  - tasklist: Ensure pressed buttons with open menus
  - tasklist: Replace exo-lucency with gtkcss
  - tasklist: Make all-minimized group buttons translucent (Bug #10862)
  - tasklist: Switch from wnck* icons to standard names
  - tasklist: Keep groupbutton active after closing menu
  - tasklist: Make sure icons in the group menu are 16px
  - tasklist: Make grouped buttons active (Bug #9129)
  - launcher: Rely on icon-size provided by panel
  - Prevent crash on removing certain plugins (Bug #14418)
  - Add configure button to composited infobar
  - Make compositor info in settings dialog a GtkInfoBar
  - directorymenu: Fix crash and drop deprecated call
  - Fix unreadable panel items without compositing (Bug #14842)
  - launcher: Fix arrows not being shown (Bug #14373)
  - launcher: Fix tooltip icon size (Bug #14774)
  - Re-introduce button images to plugin settings dialogs
  - Make the settings dialog more HIG compliant
  - launcher: Add 'New Link' button to properties (Bug #14855)
  - Drop the panel's welcome dialog (Bug #14388)
  - clock: Resolve deprecations and fix binary clock
  - Workaround for xinput2's subpixel handling (LP #1795135)
  - Ensure the orientation style classes are always applied
  - Add orientation-related style classes for improved theming
  - actions: Add support for dm-tool
  - panel-window: set struts with monitor scaling
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