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  • libxfce4ui-4.7.3
    22c65951 · Updates for release. ·
    - Fix typo preventing shortcuts from working with new users.
    - Make g_critical warning about exit(0) a DBG message.
    - Translation updates (is, zh_TW, tr, hu, fr, sk, el, id, de).
  • libxfce4ui-4.7.2
    ccc3c458 · Updates for release. ·
    - Add key binding to popup Xfdesktop menu (bug #4994).
    - Print warning before calling exit(0) in the session client.
    - Test if working directory exists before spawning command.
    - Allow icon names in xfce_gtk_button_new_mixed().
    - Unset startup notification when launching in terminal.
    - Make variable a volatile for thread safety.
    - Fix bold labels in xfce_gtk_frame_box_new().
    - Cleanup code comments.
    - Translation updates (gl, de, nl, fi, ru, hu, uk, si, kk, pt, da,
      es, hr, eu, pr_BR, bn, pa, zh_CN).
  • libxfce4ui-4.7.1
    d0fa0515 · Updates for release. ·
    - New function xfce_spawn_on_screen_with_child_watch().
    - Don't generate enums for XfceSMClientPriority.
    - Build ChangeLog during make dist.
    - Add visibility/alias handing code.
    - Rename configure.in.in to configure.ac.in.
    - Some other small fixes.
    - Translation updates (es, pt_BR, sv, pt, kk, ca, gl, sk, cs, lv, eu,
      zh_CN, ja).
  • libxfce4ui-4.7.0
    Tag 4.7.0 unstable release.