Commit 2f8f5e11 authored by Simon Steinbeiss's avatar Simon Steinbeiss
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Updates for release

parent b45139f5
- Added methods to replace deprecated GtkAction, GtkActionEntry and
GtkUiManager in order to keep simple menu creation
(xfce_gtk_menu_item*, etc.)
- Introduced 'XfceGtkActionEntry' as replacement for the deprecated 'GtkAction',
'GtkActionEntry' in order to keep simple menu creation. This includes various
support methods, like:
'xfce_gtk_translate_action_entries' to to translate a list of XfceGtkActionEntrys
'xfce_gtk_accel_group_append' to register the provided accelerators of the entries
'xfce_gtk_get_action_entry_by_id' to find a single XfceGtkActionEntry, e.g. by
using a enumeration
'xfce_gtk_***_new_from_action_entry' to create the specific menu- or
tool-items from an XfceGtkActionEntry
- Add a widget for filename input (Bug #16542)
- Enabled doc generation for XfceGtkActionEntry and related methods
- Enabled doc generation for new widget 'xfce-filename-input'
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