Commit fee89abf authored by Igor's avatar Igor
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Release 0.8.4

parent 4d03ad59
- Add missing field initializers
- Instead of thumbnails, the same icons with a crossed red circle (bug #13419)
- Resolve g_type_class_add_private() deprecation
- Glib-Critical errors to stdout: Source ID X was not found when attempting to
remove it (bug #15268)
- Fix memory leak (bug #12034)
- Show file size in the status bar (bug #14791)
- Fix opening of PPM files (bug #14709)
* Translation updates:
Arabic (ar), Asturian (ast), Belarusian (be), Bulgarian (bg), Catalan (ca),
Czech (cs), Danish (da), German (de), Greek (el), English (United Kingdom)
(en_GB), Spanish (es), Basque (eu), Finnish (fi), French (fr), Galician (gl),
Hebrew (he), Croatian (hr), Hungarian (hu), Indonesian (id), Icelandic (is),
Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Kazakh (kk), Korean (ko), Lithuanian (lt), Malay
(ms), Norwegian Bokmål (nb), Dutch (nl), Occitan (oc), Polish (pl), Portuguese
(pt), Portuguese (Brazil) (pt_BR), Romanian (ro), Russian (ru), Slovak (sk),
Slovenian (sl), Albanian (sq), Serbian (sr), Swedish (sv), Telugu (te), Thai
(th), Turkish (tr), Uighur (ug), Ukrainian (uk), Chinese (China) (zh_CN),
Chinese (Taiwan) (zh_TW)
- Fix GLib-GObject-CRITICAL in directory monitoring code
......@@ -11,9 +11,9 @@ dnl *** Version information ***
dnl ***************************
m4_define([ristretto_version_major], [0])
m4_define([ristretto_version_minor], [8])
m4_define([ristretto_version_micro], [3])
m4_define([ristretto_version_micro], [4])
m4_define([ristretto_version_build], [r@REVISION@])
m4_define([ristretto_version_tag], [git]) # Leave empty for releases
m4_define([ristretto_version_tag], []) # Leave empty for releases
m4_define([ristretto_version], [ristretto_version_major().ristretto_version_minor().ristretto_version_micro()ifelse(ristretto_version_tag(), [], [], [ristretto_version_tag()-ristretto_version_build()])])
dnl *******************************************
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